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Now you

 see me...

your guests deserve a decent night’s sleep

If the thought of tormenting your family and friends on trundler beds and fold out couches makes you slightly uncomfortable then Clever Bed’s the answer. With comfort and performance in mind we’ve chosen to equip all our beds with Sleepyhead’s Wayfarer Mattress with a Heat Tempered Truflex Coil System. You, and your guests can now rest easy because Clever Bed is nothing like your traditional fold out spare bed.

available in
double or queen
from $4695.00

choose your size

choose your colour

choose to add side cabinets

your bed!

talk to a consultant

Call us today: 0508 267 426

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With a bed that disappears you’ll find room to

With a bed that disappears you’ll find room to

With a bed that disappears you’ll find room to

Every Clever Bed comes with a quality Sleepyhead mattress

Unique Load-lift
hinges make opening and closing your
Clever Bed effortless

Made right here in
NZ from commercial quality Melteca

Your Clever Bed
comes factory direct so you’re guaranteed the best price

Each bed comes
with a 5yr warranty
on all hardware


who buys

Clever Beds?

... well, pretty much everyone, and they install them almost anywhere. From spare rooms to offices, apartments baches and garages… our customers install Clever Beds in all sorts of places. The Clever Bed has a universal appeal, it’s stylish, it’s discreet, it’s useful and thanks to our factory direct pricing it’s also fantastic value for money.

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